2 PCs Nylon Anti Static Pry Opening Spudger for iPhone iPad Samsung Repair Tool

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- Professional Plastic Anti Static Pry Opening Spudger Repair tool

- Length: 150mm

- Colour: Black


- A tough tool that can be used for a variety of purposes when repairing electronic devices.

- Made from Plastic and anti-static material that will not damage the delicate components of your device.

- Temperature resistant design, perfect for soldering applications.

- Has one flat end and one pointed end.

- The pointed flat side can be used to disconnect connectors, remove the thermal paste from a heat sink, pry off components, aid in soldering, or just unscrew a battery.

- The pointed end of the spudger can be used to connect/disconnect components, hold objects for soldering.

Package includes:
2x Pry Spudgers


- Location: Sydney, Australia

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